Why Choose a Diesel Fire Pump?

If you want to protect your property from a fire, you will need a reliable fire fighting pump to ensure that you can get water out at a high enough rate. At Garpen, we have a range of diesel and petrol powered fire pumps. The best choice for you will depend on the type of firefighting you need to do and also your budget. A diesel engine-driven pump is more expensive than a petrol model but it offers lower running costs over time and doesn’t rely on electricity which could go out in the event of a fire.

We can supply a range of marine diesel fire pump from manufacturers such as DESMI, Hatz, and MWM which are designed for easy handling. Our smallest model weighs only 50 kg and has been built for quick installation on board. Its seawater resistant aluminium casing is close coupled to a newly developed lightweight hand start Hatz diesel engine with electric start available as an option. The flanges of the pump are equipped with Storz C-2″ couplings and it has a stable carrying frame for easy movement.

The engine-driven fire fighting pumps that we offer are ideal for use as a bilge pump and can be used for a variety of other applications as well such as water transfer, wash down and irrigation. They can be used in both dry and wet installations and are rated to operate at pressures up to 30 bar. They can be installed on deck or inside a fire water tank.

Whether you are working on an offshore oil platform, F(P)SO, FSRU or FLNG unit, a fire outbreak is one of the most dangerous situations that your crew can experience. It is therefore essential that you have self-contained, independently operating fire water pump systems to supply the fire ring main with sufficient water in the event of a fire.

A reconditioned diesel engine powered fire water pump from Hydrodiesel can help to prevent a devastating fire outbreak on your vessel by providing sufficient fire water for your fire suppression system to work. These high-performance reconditioned diesel engine-driven fire water pumps are built to meet strict marine industry standards and feature a premium CATERPILLAR* diesel driver and diesel water pump.

The diesel water pumps that we offer have a large inlet and outlet hose ports so that multiple hoses can be connected at the same time. They also have a threaded port near the suction and discharge flanges so that you can install a suitably sized suction and discharge pressure gauge to monitor the performance of the diesel fire pump.

We have a number of diesel fire fighting pumps in our product range, including both single and twin impeller models. The twin impeller model provides more high-pressure water than the single impeller. If you have any questions about the diesel fire pumps that we have for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to helping you find the right diesel fire pump for your application.