Wine and the Good it Does

Wine has a long history and dates back to the earliest of centuries. Since then there have been more varieties with different levels of alcohol and today, wine drinkers are growing by the day and with good reason too. Wine is alcoholic, but unlike beer or brandy, it does not have the potential to knock you out. That is unless you take too much of it, or take one with high alcohol levels. But in the natural, most of the wines made have understandable alcohol levels and are meant to refresh you instead of make you drunk.

For the longest time now, wine has been associated with some health benefits, something that cannot be taken lightly. Now while its clear that over consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health, taking it in just the right quantities gives a myriad of benefits speaking from a health perspective.

The first and most common benefit is the cardiovascular one. When you drink wine with low alcohol volume you are protected from heart related ailments. That’s because it reduces your blood cholesterol thus drastically reducing the chances of getting a heart attack.

Wine also has antioxidants especially when it’s full and complete like red wine. The antioxidants are necessary in a natural body detoxification which means you become healthier with better functioning body systems.

Wine has very few calories especially when the alcohol volume is kept to a minimum. That means that you will never have to be worried about gaining extra inches on the waist due to wine consumption. The list is actually much longer than this, and there is almost no bad in becoming an occasional wine drinker. All you need to have is some control so that you can down just the right volume, which is about a glass if you do so, on a daily basis. That is because wine addiction is not altogether uncommon. wine tours in willamette valley